LE Published

By Samy

LE is a Puzzle Game on Games at Drivepe.com. Play LE Game for free in your browser and enjoy at Drivepe. Developed by: Nick Htet Lin Produced by: Dumbfounded Games"We create simple and astonish games!"LE' BLOCK is a puzzle-platform game for both PC & Mobile users, it is targeted to challenge teenagers to train their reflexes and timing skills.Tip: There are less then 20 players who have completed all the levels within 15 attempts and below. There are 4 levels total, try to beat the lowest high score, 4.Please comment down below your best opinions about the game, there are some few bugs that I have no idea how to fix but it will be fixed, no doubt. If you rage, don't worry, I'm there for you. Oh and if you're really a master gamer try to complete all the levels with lesser attempts then 25.

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