Epic Platformer Published

By Samy

Epic Platformer is an Action Game on Games at Drivepe.com. Play Epic Platformer Game for free in your browser and enjoy at Drivepe. Epic Platformer By using this template you can quickly create a super cool platformer game.The template contains a lot of ready-to-use logic. You just need to build levels and perhaps enhance the graphics to suit your own style.Features:Basic movements Crawl on ladders, nets and bars Wall jump Goodies (e.g. coins and gems)Moving platforms (e.g. via way-points)Camera movements Teleport Zones (triggers)Scenes (in-game speak and cut scenes)Weapons (gun, shotgun, machine-gun, grenade, flamethrower and lightning-gun)4 enemies type (static, moving, hunting, flying)Spawn points (Check points)Doors, keys and secret rooms Touch control .

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